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we believe drug addiction is a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual problem. And that to truly recover means bringing healing to all these aspects; therefore getting to the root causes from an inside out approach.

Searching for the appropriate treatment center for yourself or a loved-one often presents a challenge. Here at treatment-centers-dot-net we've taken on the challenges ourselves, to assist people in need of direction and advice concerning drug addiction, rehabilitation-options and intervention.

We have a database with thousands of treatment centers and can help you locate the one that best fits your needs. Also, we have a selection of treatment facilities that we can provide as recommendations; if it matches your ideas of the right program and the patient is qualified for that particular center. This in no way discredits other treatment facilities, but, because of the wide-range of treatment centers, throughout the United States, it would not be feasible for us to know the reliability and particulars for each and every drug rehab center.

Treatment centers can vary significantly with methodology, philosophy and settings. Many treatment centers include, counseling, Christian counseling, Bible school, 12 step program, cognitive behavioral therapy, psycho-therapies, dual diagnosis treatment, therapeutic community and Holistic programs.

Some treatment settings include: inpatient treatment, hospital rehabs, outpatient rehabilitation, residential programs and sober living homes. Many treatment centers provide different methods of drug rehabilitation and detoxification. Even drug and alcohol programs that uses a similar approaches usually vary in their program or the way treatment is ran. It is essential to find the treatment program that best suits the needs of the patient.

Detoxification facilities or treatment centers may specialize in one or more specific drugs, such as the rehabilitation of alcohol, heroin, crack/cocaine, methamphetamine, methadone, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Lortab-Lorcet, Hydrocodone, pain pills, Xanax, Valium, marijuana, LSD, and PCP treatments. The more comprehensive treatment centers apply a combination of therapy components and other services to meet the patients specific needs.

Speak to one of our treatment case workers to assist with Figuring out which drug treatment approach is best for you.

We are a drug treatment helpline and therefore can help you find an appropriate treatment center. Therefore whether you choose Christian treatment, or a 12 step based recovery approach, or an alternative rehabilitation program. We have a diverse selection of drug and alcohol rehabs; traditional and non-traditional and can help anyone in need of assistance at no-cost.

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